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Are straighter teeth really worth the investment? Most people only ask about braces if they’re concerned with the way their teeth look. In reality there are several benefits to having a straighter smile. Patients of all ages and backgrounds are beginning to understand the importance that orthodontic therapy can have on the future of their oral health.

Straighter teeth are easier to keep free of disease and infection. Because oral hygiene is simpler around teeth that are not crooked or crowded, those teeth typically experience lower rates of cavities, bone loss and gum disease. Even brushing and flossing as thoroughly as possible can leave some debris behind in areas that are difficult to access between crooked teeth.

A properly aligned bite will also last longer. When teeth bite together incorrectly, the teeth experience premature wear. This creates generalized flatness across the chewing surfaces as well as worn dental restorations. It is more difficult to restore these teeth, as new fillings or crowns will only continue to wear abnormally due to the incorrect biting relationship.

TMJ disorders often develop due to the modifications that the jaw must make for everyday biting and chewing. Correcting the bite will allow the TMJ to function efficiently, preventing pain and discomfort around the joint.

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