Family Dental Office Close to Clayton, IN

Are you new to the Clayton, IN area or looking for a dentist that is close by? Monrovia Family Dentistry is happy to provide complete dental care to Clayton, IN residents and patients in the surrounding communities.

Our dentists offer everything you need in one location, including:Physician speaks to old man

Don’t Have Insurance?

No problem! We offer an in-house dental plan that provides your family with included preventive services and discounts on dental treatments all year long. There are no maximums, deductibles, or pre-approvals needed!

Straighter Smiles are Happier Smiles

Did we mention that we have an in-house orthodontist as a part of our team of dentists? This allows us to offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. Choose from options like Invisalign, clear braces or traditional orthodontics.


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