Our Sedation Options Keep You Comfortable

Relax and be comfortableA lot of people put their dental treatment off because of how anxious they feel about going to the dentist. Monrovia Family Dentistry patients can access different comfort techniques including sedation options to keep them feeling great throughout their entire procedure.

We Offer Two Types of Sedation:

Conscious Oral Sedation

Woman receiving sedation before dental procedureOral sedation uses prescription strength sedatives that allow our patients to relax during their treatment appointments. The medication also includes a mild amnesiac. Most of our patients report feeling:

  • Like They are Taking a Light Nap

  • Unable to Remember Anything about Their Treatment

  • Thrilled to Catch up on All of Their Care at One Time

  • As if They were Daydreaming during the Appointment

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Patient sedated to prepare for dental procedureLaughing gas is a service that can be added onto any dental appointment. The light form of sedation allows you to remain fully conscious while enjoying overall relaxation and decreased anxiety.

Which sedation option is right for you? Monrovia Family Dentistry will be more than happy to discuss your options with you. Book your new patient exam today.

Same-Day Dental Care

If you’ve ever had dental treatment creep up on you and leave you feeling overwhelmed, oral sedation allows you to catch up on all of it at one time. The drowsy effects of the medication last for 3-5 hours, allowing our dentists to complete most treatments during a single appointment. You’ll be back at home relaxing before the medication ever wears off.

Ultimate Comfort

You’ve never experienced a more comfortable dental appointment. We offer oral sedation to all healthy patients, allowing you to overcome the fear of sensitivity or longer treatments. It’s a safe and affordable way to get back to a healthy smile.

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